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Handeze® Therapeutic Activity Support Gloves targets daytime relief for “Wrist and Hand Pain”

More and more hand and wrist pain suffers are asking for a non-rigid support glove that aids them in their fight to relieve hand and wrist pain during the daytime hours.

Should going to work or doing an activity at home create hours of suffering and discomfort? Well Handeze® has heard your request with our new style Therapeutic Activity Support Gloves that make hand and wrist pain more manageable than any other brand. Our Handeze® Therapeutic Activity Gloves combine three proven pain relievers: heat, support and massage to offer you a solution to the continual pain that you may be experiencing.

Five good reasons to use Handeze® Therapeutic Activity Support Gloves are noted below with hand and wrist relief our corporate goal:

  • Heat! Handeze® Therapeutic Activity support gloves trap heat. This raises the blood pressure in the fingers, hands and wrists, which creates circulation and maintain flexibility
  • Support! Our design provides support to muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hand and wrist. This helps to provide strength and to reduce strain.
  • Massage! Our four-way stretch material actually massages the hand and wrist with every movement. This improves circulation and aids in the stress reduction.
  • Doctor tested! Our gloves were developed with the cooperation of many independent physicians and occupational specialists, and come endorsed by thousands of satisfied users from all areas of the work force.
  • Affordable! Why pay the price of a rigid brace that curtails your movement and is expensive in the process. You need to work and play so why not use Handeze® to make that happen when an activity support glove is needed?

Relieve pain and make Handeze® your daytime Activity Therapeutic Support Glove today!

What size Handeze® glove should I wear?